Promoting Your Content Via Social Sites

social networking and bookmarking sites

Social networking websites are extensive platforms that use one or more interests or sharing tools to build networks and relationships between people. Some social networking sites can are single-interest, such as professional connections and resume building or sharing images. Other social networking websites may be more open, where users can share a multitude of ideas and interests, such as news articles, personal photographs, or even compete in online gaming with those that they connect.

A social bookmarking website is a platform where users can save or bookmark other pages that they find interesting. When a user enters a new bookmark, the user typically tags that bookmark with up to five or ten of the most relevant words and phrases. While social bookmarking is typically used for the purpose of sharing with others, some users prefer to use these types of websites as a means of saving a personal list of favorite pages.

As you might already tell, these types of sites can bring a ton of traffic to your website. Most people nowadays use these websites to socialize, share their findings and thoughts, and to follow people and businesses. There are many way to do this. One way is by means of crowd-sourcing services such as SocialADR. To understand the concept better you can check out this SocialADR Review by following the link. Another way to do so is by establishing your social presence yourself by creating profiles and attracting people via advertising campaigns or by any other savvy means.

Here are 12 powerful social sites you can start with:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Xing
  • StumbleUpon
  • Diigo
  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • Folkd
  • Newsvine



Be Effective, Be Productive, Be Automated

Marketing is becoming increasingly technology-oriented. Part of this is due to the rise of social media and Internet advertising, but another part is the fact that marketers can now tap into customer data and new software tools to obtain much more information about customer behavior and set up large-scale marketing campaigns with software.

using automation in internet marketing

One of the most important aspects of software is simply that it can save time. Using the right software can make many small, repetitive marketing tasks fast and easy. That frees up marketers to spend more time thinking and planning, rather than executing mindless work.

On top of that, software is also a money-saver. First of all, saving time is saving money, of course. Secondly, software can allow marketers to learn and understand what kind of customers are the most loyal buyers. That information can then inform product design and the strategy of new marketing campaigns. More efficient marketing campaigns save money by bringing in more conversions per dollar spent on the campaign.

There are a few different types of Internet marketing software that are the most beneficial. For example, content marketing tools can be used to increase visibility, analytical tools can be used for research and reporting allowing marketers to tap into the power of customer data and create informative graphs. Backlinking tools can help your website visibility. Management tools can provide centralized control of various important marketing tasks.

The newest trend is in automation tools. These can be time savers on a massive scale. For example, a marketer could set up an automated mailing system that will automatically email customers with customized messages if they leave an item in their cart without buying it, if they have the option to resubscribe soon, if they view certain sales, and so on.

Just about any user action can become a trigger for an automated tool. This is even more powerful on mobile apps, where more actions can be tracked and associated with customers. On the other hand, if done poorly, automation can alienate customers. They will feel like they are being spammed, or that the company is sending them impersonal messages. That’s why it is important not to overdo it, and to spend time crafting the messages so that they feel personal. Not all automated tools are about messaging, but they all follow the same principles and have the same caveats.

Software is becoming an ever more important element of the marketing toolbox, so it is crucial to understand all the possible ways software can benefit marketers, as well as the potential downsides. Marketing is growing in importance the more powerful its tools become, and marketers themselves need to master those tools if they want to add the most value for the brand.

What Do Domain Extensions Mean

major domain extensionsThere are all kinds of domain extensions out there with hundreds of new ones being added lately. Typically you would want to get the extension that matches your business. This is the list and explanation of some of them:

.com stands for “commercial”. This is the most commonly used and most recognizable extension today. Most businesses prefer to use it for their main websites.

.net stands for “network”. It was intended to be used for internet service providers like that are involved in Internet development.

.org stands of “organization”. It is commonly used for non-profit organizations and trading companies

.info stand for “information” or “resource”. This is for websites that provide information or resource of a certain topic. (Sadly many people consider this to be an extension of “spam” websites because many spammers use it)

.biz stand for “business”. This extension is for small businesses although many of them prefer to use .com instead

.mobi stand for “mobile”. It was intended for those sites that can be viewed on mobile phones. Nowadays most websites are mobile-compatible.

.tv stand “media”. It is used on media rich websites, often my entertainment industry.

.me stand for “personal”. This extension is commonly used by individuals who make portfolio websites or websites about themselves.

.edu stand for “education”. It is reserved for real educational institutions like universities. It’s restricted from public.

.gov stands for “government”. This is one is also not available to public and is strictly reserved for government uses.

There are also many country specific extensions like .us (USA), (United Kingdom), .de (Germany), .fr (France), .cn (China) and so on. Many of them don’t have restrictions and can be registered all over the world.

Recently there have been a really big addition of new descriptive domain names. With these new extension name you can  describe your website/business just by your domain name.

descriptive domain extensions

Some of these extension include: .directory, .guru, .pizza, .accountant, .download, .tech, .racing, .coupons, .hockey etc.. You can follow news about new releases on ICANN website.

Some of the websites have 2 extension names. For example,,, etc. While the first extension represents the intended use as described above, the second represent the country’s extension.

So would be a websites from United Kingdom that is used for commercial purposes (.co and .com are the same).

While there are some controversial evidence, when it comes to search engine optimization, it’s best to use .com, .net or .org. These 3 are considered to be the best ones by most of SEO community. It’s believed that it’s much easier to reach high rankings with these ones because major search engines also consider them to be the best ones.

While I have seen websites with different extensions also ranking high for hard keywords, for the most part the websites have .com or .net.

3 Ways To Get A Website

Whether you are creating a website in order to sell a product for a business or simply for personal use, obtaining the website itself as well as the domain name are essential steps within the process. With so many options out there, it can be a daunting and seemingly confusing task to figure out where to begin.

As you may know, or may have guessed, there are several different ways to obtain a domain or a website. There are new domains for sale of course, but there are used domains available for purchase. In addition, there are also several domains that are already complete and built. All of these three types come with their own benefits as well as pitfalls.

Brand Spanking New Domains

Perhaps one of the most popular way to buy domains is to simply purchase them new. One of the most popular as well as cheapest websites that provide brand new domain names for purchase is

The benefit of this choice is that you have the option of customizing the domain name because it is new. However, a few of the negatives of purchasing a new domain include that they are more expensive than used domains. Also, it will take longer for new sites to get ranked high in search engines and; therefore, receive traffic.

Previously Registered Aged Domains

Another option for purchasing a domain name is to buy it used. The website offers several used domains for purchase. The main benefit of this option is that the domains are already established meaning they already have backlinks which will help them to rank better in search engines. In addition, these sites are likely to have some traffic already coming through links previously built. On the negative side, with buying a used domain, you won’t always be able to find the exact name you are looking for and the results can be pricey.

Complete Websites is a website that offers already built domains for purchase. The great advantage with this option is the time of establishing a site is saved. The SEO optimization has already been established and the site comes complete with some content.

As you can imagine with this option, the biggest negative is that they can cost a lot of money. Perhaps it is worth the hefty price tag to have all of the grunt work completed beforehand.

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